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Rhonda Mason is a designer, photographer, writer, and visual artist based in Sydney. She has seventeen years of experience in branding and graphic design, including many years working in B2B marketing. She currently freelances for a small number of commercial clients and attends Julian Ashton Art School in The Rocks on a part-time basis. You can subscribe to her somewhat regular personal column on Substack, PINK RONNIE.

Self-portrait 29.07.21
Art school 24.08.22
Sketch 03.05.23
MCA 03.08.22
Sartorial log 22.06.22
Digital print ‘How Great Thou Art’
Art school 27.07.22
Sartorial log 02.03.23
Sartorial log 04.03.21
Sketch 18.04.23
Art school 24.08.22